About Me

A developer, gamer, husband, and a father walk into a bar...

Early Life

Raised in the hills of West Virginia, I spent most of my youth by the creek catching crawdads or riding my bike through the woods. I jokingly tell my daughter of how when I was young, not being to go outside was viewed as a punishment.

Taken at the New River Gorge

From a very young age, I have always been facinated with the way things are put together. One of my mom's favorite stories is how I once took apart our VCR just to find out where the tape goes. This curiosity and passion has stayed with me ever since. I quickly became facinated with anything computer related, and began my programming journey by experimenting with my TI-83+ calculator during math class.


If i had to pick a favorite programming language, I would definitely pick javascript. It is what I use for my projects whenever I can. That is the main reason I choose node for this site. It is just so versatile fun to write. It is the epitome of object-oriented. Everything is an object, even functions.

However, I try not to identiify solely as a developer. I am a person that enjoys development, but I do have other interest. Music is probably second on my list, specifically metal. Like many people, Metallica has been a huge influence in my life. I saved up for my first guitar just so I could try to play the main riff from Enter Sandman on it. I still play to this day, but I never did achieve the world fame I once thought was inevitable.

I also have a respectable retro video game collection. I focus mostly on NES and SNES because that is what have the most fond memories of. In spite of popular opinion, TMNT on nes is one of my favorite games, and I still play it regularly.

Professional Career

My first job out of school was working with .NET and SharePoint. I can't say it was the most exciting job, but when you are starting out, you cannot expect to be handed the fun stuff. It did give me vital experience working effectivly on a larger team for the first time.

From there, I moved into a larger consulting company where I was able to experience several different projects, from small business development using Ruby on Rails, to large scale enterprise applications built on java.

Today, I continue to grow as a professional every day, striving the best I can to keep up with current techology trends so I can always remain relevant in an ever changing world.