Development Log and Release notes

For tracking motivation, progress, or just testing... Published by Nathan A. Wilcox on July 10, 2020 and updated on July 27, 2020

(7/27/2020) Created a project tracking feature: Introduced functionality to track projects. Will start to expand into other pet project, other than just blog posts. Feeling pretty good

(7/23/2020) Added meta description tag: Apparently they are good for CTR even if they dont help rankings. Feeling good. Put out another post ripe with helpful information for anyone seeking it.

(7/22/2020) Published first blog post: I found it much harder than I thought to take thoughts I had in my head and structure them in written form that would make sense to others. I can't sit on it for ever, constantly making minor tweaks or changing the order of words. Its out there, and I need to move on to the next idea.

(7/17/2020) Motivation levels: Moderate to high. It is Friday after all. I pushed several updates today. tracking code, recaptcha, approvals for comments, project landing page, minor refactoring and optimizations for load time. Pingdom is coming in under a second, so lets try to keep it that way.

Just another Monday

Everything is a work-in-progress right now.


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    Keep it going!!!